Why our clients trust Jabez roofing for superior workmanship and service.

We deliver a superior service through decades of experience and strong relationships with suppliers and builders.

The Wells brothers established Jabez Roofing in 2008. By then we had already amassed over 30 years of experience in the building industry, managing construction projects both large and small in the greater Perth area.

Since then, Jabez Roofing has grown significantly. We’ve filled out our staff complement by incorporating more family members, each with specialised skillsets. As a team, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the services we offer, from the technicalities of roof construction, to exceptional customer service and accurate billing. Our capable and highly trained staff allow us to bring our trademark efficiency and professionalism to your project.

We’ve made our mark in the construction industry in Perth and are proud to work with some of the leading builders in the area, to produce fantastic redevelopments, developments and buildings.

Our team now includes highly qualified carpenters, experienced roof plumbers and skilled apprentices. We are proud to employ locally, ensuring that we give back to the building industry by helping to develop skilled and experienced tradesmen.